Dubai’s Coastal Living take a look at Waterfront Homes

Dubai's Coastal Living take a look at Waterfront Homes

Waterfront living is what most of us aspire to have or dream of once we have that kind of money. It’s a wealthy people’s top choice to have a home by the sea and such locations are usually quite exorbitant than others. Waterfront homes are most sought-after and desirable amongst the riches. The serene view of the vast waters is therapeutic for mind and body and waking up to it everyday is a luxury for sure.


Dubai is also known for its waterfront homes and communities. Its residents, local and foreigner both, prefer living with the sea views. And here you can find some top-notch housing communities developed by the sea or with views of the sea and that is exactly what we’re exploring in this blog post.

Dubai's Waterfront Homes: Exploring Coastal Communities and Their Lifestyles

Dubai’s Best Waterfront Communities

Dubai Marina – Where Skyline Meets Water

Dubai Marina is in the heart of Dubai located at Dubai Harbor and it is not your ordinary urban landscape. It’s where skyscrapers are sky high and canals weave through them. It’s known for some of the best waterfront homes in Dubai with a view of shore on all three sides. When you take a stroll through this urban splendor, you’re not just taking a walk, you would find yourself amongst high-rises, dining gems and a happening atmosphere.

Palm Jumeirah – A Man-Made Wonder

The iconic Palm Jumeirah island needs no introduction, this archipelago shaped liked a palm tree is widely known for its stunning waterfront homes in Dubai. It is home to celebrities from all over the world for it’s not just a community, it’s a statement of luxury. It has villas with private beaches (yes, you heard that right!) and apartments with a magnificent view of the Arabian Gulf as well as Dubai skyline. Not only that, Palm Jumeirah is dotted with popular beach clubs, fine dine restaurants, and a plethora of leisure activities for its residents and tourists alike.

Dubai Creek Harbor – The Visionary Haven

If you have a futuristic mindset, Dubai Creek Harbor is a visionary’s playground. It is a hot waterfront market amongst the developers in the UAE and boasts ultra-luxury real-estate developments by some of the most popular developers in the UAE with more to come. It’s safe to say that it’s a harmonious blend of technology and nature, where innovation meets the waterfront. If you plan to invest in Dubai Creek Harbor, rest assured that you’re investing into tomorrow.

Jumeirah Islands – A Collection of Islands

In a nutshell, like Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Islands is an archipelago with man-made saltwater lakes. It is a collection of picturesque 46 islands developed by the same entity Nakheel Properties. The villas on interconnected islands there offer a unique perspective on waterfront living. It’s a retreat for its residents as each villa there tells a story of exclusivity, offers supreme privacy and a picturesque island living experience.

Jumeirah Islands - A Collection of Islands

Al Sufouh – A Hidden Gem

If tranquility is your thing, Al Sufouh is a paradise for you. Nicely tucked between Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, it’s a hidden gem offering ultimate serenity which outsiders are not aware about as much. It is home to upscale residences to the elites of Dubai offering privacy with a beach view which provides a canvas of peace. It’s away from the city’s hustle bustle and the only sound you hear is a symphony of ocean waves.

Why Choose Waterfront Living In Dubai

Now that we are done discussing the best waterfront communities in Dubai, we will give you four more reasons why you should invest in waterfront living.

1.Aesthetic Views

If you haven’t seen Dubai skyline already then you would not know what I am talking about but if you have, then you know that it’s a mesmerizing view to take in. These waterfront communities in Dubai provide a breathtaking view of Dubai skyline that includes the majestic Burj Khalifa as well as the enchanting Dubai Eye.

2.Culinary Delights

If you’re a foodie then you’re definitely in for a treat. Waterfront living is an invitation to culinary journey offering world’s best cuisine. From chic cafes in Dubai Marina to gourmet restaurants in Palm Jumeirah, every meal is an experience to behold.

3.Recreational Bliss

You’re in for an active lifestyle if you’re a resident of a waterfront community. From jogging at the beach to fitness centre with sea views, these communities (like most in Dubai) are designed to promote active and healthy lifestyle.

4.Community Spirit

Living in a community fosters the idea of belonging amongst its residents. This spirit of homeliness is evident in communal events of Jumeirah Islands to the futuristic design of Dubai Creek Harbor.

Investing in Dubai Waterfront’s Properties

Is that even a question anymore! But we will still tell you why you should make this wise financial move. It’s because you’re not just investing in a property, you’re investing in an elite lifestyle for you and your family. As the demand for waterfront homes in Dubai rises, so does their enduring value. You will always be getting more than what you invested in it in terms of money as well as lifestyle. Whether it’s the urban vibes of Dubai Marina you’re drawn to or the tranquility of a more secluded Jumeirah Islands, these properties are the embodiment of luxury living.


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