Buying Off-Plan vs. Ready Property: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

Off-Plan vs. Ready Property are preferred in Dubai, according to a recent 2024 survey, with 56% of respondents selecting them above ready properties (44%). Do you intend to purchase any of the off-pla ...

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20 Must-Know FAQs for Real Estate Investors in Dubai

Dubai’s glimmering skyline and booming property market have captured the imagination of real estate investors worldwide. But before you embark on your Dubai property journey, it’s crucial ...

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Invest in Dubai A Lucrative Proposition Aligned with Dubai 2040

Dubai, the City of Gold, continues to be a magnet for investors worldwide. With its booming economy, stunning architecture, luxurious lifestyle, and diverse property market, Dubai offers a plethora of ...

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Top Residential Communities To Live in Dubai A Guide

Dubai’s innovation, infrastructure, and high standard of living draw professionals and job seekers, earning it a ranking of second among the world’s greatest cities. It has world-class din ...

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Real Estate Decoded: Complete guide to selling your property in Dubai

An expat couple came to me to sell their property in Dubai and invest in another as their children were growing up and they were doing financially better than before. They had a lot of questions and w ...

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Why Investing in Ras Al Khaimah Real Estate

In the UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah, a budding emirate, developers have already begun to buy property and construct residential complexes. This area has excellent growth potential for real estate invest ...

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Dubai Going Green Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Developments

Ever imagined living in a city that’s not just about skyscrapers, glitz and glam, and happening streets but also about lush green spaces and eco-friendly houses? That’s Dubai for you! That ...

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TVG Realtors Spotlight the Best Communities for Your

Dubai’s real estate canvas is adorned with diverse residential communities, each offering a unique tapestry of amenities and lifestyles. As you embark on the journey of finding your ideal home, ...

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Your Guide to Buying Freehold Properties in Dubai-

Dubai’s real estate market offers a unique opportunity for international buyers to invest in freehold properties. The freehold system allows non-UAE nationals to own properties outright in desig ...

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Can you buy a Property in Dubai using a Company License?

Dubai has become a well-liked vacation spot for international real estate investors. It is desirable for real estate investment because of its opulent lifestyle, cutting-edge infrastructure, and tax-f ...

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