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Your Guide to Buying Freehold Properties in Dubai-

Dubai’s real estate market offers a unique opportunity for international buyers to invest in freehold properties. The freehold system allows non-UAE nationals to own properties outright in designated areas with the potential for substantial returns on investment. Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to buy a freehold property in Dubai, including the…

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buy a Property in Dubai using a Company License

Can you buy a Property in Dubai using a Company License?

Dubai has become a well-liked vacation spot for international real estate investors. It is desirable for real estate investment because of its opulent lifestyle, cutting-edge infrastructure, and tax-free environment. If you are a business owner considering investing in property in Dubai, you may wonder if you can use your company licence to purchase a property….

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The Benefits Of Buying Off Plan Property: Explained

Purchasing an off-plan property entails committing to purchasing a home before or during the development phase. Off plan property investing, in particular, is quite popular among buyers. Since the availability of freehold properties to foreigners in 2002, the real estate market in the UAE has seen a surge in interest from both domestic and international buyers.

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